Meditation Techniques
Do You Want To Have An Easier Life Using Meditation?

- To Have Much Less Stress - Be Happier and Healthier using Meditation?

- Here You Will Find ‘All You Need’ To Discover How To Do Just That !

I will show you how to achieve this – For Free !

With complete, step-by-step, nuts-and-bolts information for you to learn how - efficiently - By Yourself,

Starting From Today !

- by experiencing many proven different kinds before deciding which is perfect for you.

Almost like your own Exclusive Free Personal Classes, both for beginners and more experienced meditators

all with easy to understand instructions.

This is the main focus throughout this website –

… to Give You the actual first hand distinctive experiences and feelings of many types of meditation

… appropriate for all levels of expertise

… so that you can make an informed decision as to which kind might feel the best for you personally.

It will also give you complete and illustrated details of each topic,

…with the more hard to find technical parts in a separate section - for those with a more scientific interest.



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In these stressful times that we are currently experiencing - with Global Warming, Financial Crises, Gas price increases and so on....

– Meditation is a Superior and easily learned tool

- to dramatically minimize the effects these stresses have on us,

- so that your whole life will be less stressful in every way,

- and allow you to be more relaxed in everything you do

...and written by a retired Family Doctor, who well understands the Importance that Stress has on Health.

First you would find it useful to click on the heading below to go to the Introduction 'About Me' page - to discover "who I am - and where I am coming from" - before starting to have fun exploring this website.

…also it will save you much time if you click below to go to the Index of Contents page, to see the complete list of pages in this website, with a revealing and detailed summary of each.

Then you can decide where you would like to start your First Class Meditation Learning Adventure - depending on whether you are a beginning or experienced meditator.

(You can click on any of the blue headings below - to take you to each section)

So – Welcome – and enjoy the start of your valuable Meditation Learning Journey -

- ‘All That You Need’ to Have Less Stress...

- and therefore a better life!

P.S. Would You Want To Miss Out On The Important Lessons In This Website ?

– Act Now to Have the Best Life Possible – like Magic !

YOUR-Stories, how to Share your most Amazing Meditation Stories!
Do you have a special memorable meditation story - share YOUR-Stories on your own page on this website!
meditation search - Do a site search on
meditation search - A search page for
Learning Mindful Meditation Blog - Learn all about Meditation
Meditation - This is a learning mindful meditation blog page. It is dedicated to various meditation articles published on the famous website -
My CD and MP3 downloads of Exceptional Guided Meditations
CD and MP3 Downloads, All With Powerful Entrainment Beats Embedded - for Effortless and Valuable Deep Meditations - Automatically Meditate like a Buddhist Monk in Minutes !
My available E-Books
A page devoted only to the E-Books that I am offering - some great ones !
Fantasy Guided Meditation MP3s
Amazing Fantasy Guided Meditation MP3s with Powerful New Entrainment Technology Technique - to give a Very Realistic Visualized type of Out-of-Body Experience.
Free Meditation Music MP3 Downloads for You.
An Assortment of Completely Free Meditation Music MP3 Downloads for your own personal use
Free and Effective Guided Meditations for you to use.
Do You Want To Start Improving Your Life? Guided Meditations Are A Free And Exceptional Way...<B>Get Yours Now!</B>
A Relaxation Guided Meditation MP3 for you is here – for FREE !
A chance to easily experience a Relaxation Guided Meditation for yourself !
A "Supercharged and Personalised" Manifestation Technique.
A Manifestation Technique that is completely unique - using YOUR OWN VOICE - which makes the technique extremely powerful for you !
How Love can Be Helped By Meditation.
Learn how Love can be Much More Present in Your Life Using Special Meditations.
How Your Sex Life Can Be Improved Using Meditation Techniques
Sex becomes Much More Pleasurable and Intensely More Meaningful Using these Techniques
HIV-AIDS Can be Helped by Meditation – find out How and Why !
Recent research has discovered that Meditation can help with any disease caused, or affected by a poorly functioning Immune System – including HIV-AIDS. Learn all about this important topic here !
Health and Meditation - the Connection.
Health is Obviously of Supreme Importance For Us - And Meditation Can Certainly Be An Important Tool to Optimise It - Learn How !
A Dictionary of Meditation Terms
A Dictionary of over 100 Meditation related terms that are either not, or only minimally covered by the Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, ASK, MSN, etc.
What is Meditation? Demonstrations, and Exceptional Explanations For You.
Here' What is Meditation' is answered in an easy to understand way for beginners to be 100 percent clear ! And to Learn How It Can Help You !
How Does Meditation Work ? Complete Answers are Here For You!
An Up to Date Explanation Of How Does Meditation Work? With Modern Authentic Answers For You to Understand Completely!
Tools to help in Meditation
Complete Guide to Meditation Tools and Accessories, Plus Complete Plans to Build your Own Seiza Meditation Bench.
What is Biofeedback ?
The Development of Biofeedback - What It Is - and What it Can do to Help You.
About Subliminal messages
The Latest Research on Subliminal Messages, and Similar Technology - What Works - What Doesn't !
The Different Types of Meditation Information
Types of Meditation Summaries, Plus Some Essential Words of Advice Just Before You Start !
Anxiety meditation - How meditation for anxiety can help you overcome anxiety
anxiety meditation - Many Kinds of Anxiety, Some Mild, Some Severe – What Kind Do You Have ? Learn how meditation for anxiety can help.
Walking Meditations - how they can benefit you.
Walking Meditation is a Sure Path to Greater Awareness – Learn How.
Information about Entrainment
How Entrainment Works - the Different Kinds - and How They Are Used. See The Facts !
An Introduction to the Author of 'Meditation-all-you-need.'
An Introduction to the Author, and How and Why He Wrote 'Meditation-all-you-need' for You.
A Contents Index with Summarized Details of Every Superb Page of this Website
Contents, So That You Can See What It Is All About - And Where It Is Most Valuable For You Personally !
Recommendations for other Interesting Sites.
Recommendations for Some Other Websites that I Have Found Particularly Interesting - You will Too!
meditation sites
meditation web resources
My Secret Partner - How came about
How this website came to be built - using My Secret Partner ! Find out what it is ! And How It Can Help You !
Meditation for beginners - Ten (10) Tips Free Yoga Meditation Techniques For Be
Meditation for beginners - Ten +1 Tips on free guided relaxation meditations techniques and free yoga meditations for beginner. Learns simple free tips on how to use meditation and relaxation to
Meditation Techniques - A listing of some easy to learn basic meditation techniq
Meditation techniques - A description of easy meditation techniques for beginners to use in learning various techniques of meditation. Learn more about the various easy techniques of meditation
Zen Buddhism buddhist Meditation
Zen Meditation: A Look at this buddhist meditation Philosophy, With an Online Zen Meditation For You to Learn and Experience - Free !
awareness walking meditation. How to Increase Awareness Using Walking Meditation
awareness walking meditation. Increased Awareness = Increased Efficiency. Learn How to Create this through Walking Meditations.
Benefits of Meditation - health benefits of meditation in stress reduction
Benefits of Meditation - An outline various physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Zen, Buddhist, Transcendatal, Yoga and guided meditation techniques. How meditaion can help you fight stress +
The Technical aspects of Brainwaves
Complete details about the different Brainwaves, and their Importance in Studying Meditation, and comparison with a Computer - get the Technical Facts !
Buddhism and Meditation
A Look at How Buddhism Developed, its Philosophy, and Forms of Meditation. Learn How It Can Help You.
About Chakras and Chi Energy
Information about Chakras and Chi, and why you don't have energy !
A Guided Meditation using circle elements
This is a powerful meditation using Breathing, a Mantra and Circle imagery all together. Makes for stong stuff !
Information about Clothing for Meditation and other Important Points
What Is Important About Clothing, Rooms and Positions for Meditating, and What are Mudras ?
A Color Guided Meditation script
A discussion of the part that color plays in our lives; about color blindness, and a technicolor guided meditation script !
Dance - used as a form of Meditation
A look at the Different Systems that use Dance as a Meditation, especially the Sufis - with their ''Whirling Dance."
Awareness of your Emotions during a Walking Meditation
Your Emotions - How to Observe, and Control them through a Walking Meditation
Tai Chi and Chi Gung (Qigong) Meditations
An Overview of Tai Chi and Chi Gung (Qigong), With Free Online Instructions.





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